Vegan leather backpack

Brand: Le Trap


Features the 3 compartments below:

- A rigid compartment composed of 2 pieces in EVA that carries from 1 to 7 hats One piece in EVA is mobile,

- A more malleable compartment which has 4 dividers inside.

- A smaller compartment that works as an anti-theft pocket (it stays in contact with your back). This pocket can also be attached to your handbag.

Composition: vegan leather anti-scratch

-Zamak hardware with nickel free nylon interior

-The gorgon straps are adjustable and you can carry it: on your back, in your hand or coupled in your handbag.

Colour: Camel hardware; Golden


Depth: 18cm

Hand strap: 3cm

Height: 43cm

Width: 37cm

Weight: 1,7kg

Made in Portugal

197.00 €