PANAMAR invites you to enjoy an extremely enriching day, with our special guests who will tell us about the history and stories of the universe of the arts they embrace. 

We will travel to other stops and other times with: 
• Dr. Sandra Loureiro da Cruz, who will lead us into the world of Indo-Portuguese furniture, for which she has a special affection;
• Mestre João Canhoto, representative of the internationally known 'Atelier Móveis d'Arte Canhoto', who will execute some pieces in loco, demonstrating the exceptional skills and knowledge that he incorporates in the furniture, in an Indo-Portuguese style; 
• Plastic artist and designer Joana Cabanelas, who, with her wide creativity, versatility and passion for the arts, will speak and work live in watercolor and will sign each of the pieces you want to acquire on this day! 

The high point will be at 5 pm, where there will be a demonstration/exhibition on the themes and stories of the creations of both artists and the invitation for everyone to participate. 

Throughout the day you can visit the store where other activities will take place simultaneously:
• Demonstration of how just 5 pieces can obtain 143 different 'looks';
• Fashion on the move;
• Tasting of 'flavors' proposed by PANAMAR...