Other Traces of History...

The attention wanders to the sturdy beams of Riga wood from the Baltic Sea coast, mysteriously dotted with black tar. Carefully aligned on the floor, they invite you to climb up to the elegant mezzanine that harmoniously tops the wide space, unifying the granite robustness of the main wall and the complex fragility of the partition wall, almost as if in her architectural idealization, Manuela Andrade wanted to personify the loving union between two lovers.

At the top of the staircase, the elegant screen of neo-Gothic arches - once covered in the deep, austere tones of mercantile activity - are surprising for their target, graceful, modern appearance, in an appeal to the imagination of fluttering minds for mysterious stories of exotic dancers.

On this balcony every corner tells a story reminiscent of the Portuguese diaspora, and many literary works are available on this theme.

The artifacts, works of art, decorative pieces, furniture, and fabrics here carefully harmonized with jewelry, gastronomic products, and small objects from famous designers, take us on a journey that enhances the senses, almost as if the simple look, touch, aroma, or taste transported us to a far-fetched version of the colorful vivacity of the bygone days of maritime trade with Brazil, Africa, India, or China.

To visit Panamar is to embark on a time journey and into the soul of the Portuguese diaspora of bygone and modern times where Heny the Navigator's motto "the talent of knowing how to do things well" and opening new worlds to the World, not only in each piece and in each corner, but also in the surroundings of this beautiful building set in the historic center of the city just a stone's throw away from the Douro River and right in front of the Palácio da Bolsa, the S. Francisco Church and the Ferreira Borges Market.

However, it is right next to the statue of Henry the Navigator, the mastermind of the Portuguese Discoveries, that we can have a better look to the interior of Panamar and that, in this way, plunge onto the soul of this concept store in an interweaving of emotions based on a Porto felt and lived in its deepest essence.